What is Wholee

Wholee is a member-only zero-markup store, with the vision to constantly bring our members the most value-for-money merchandises.

I love shopping, but shopping experience was never good. I hate all kinds of marketing tactics and sales strategy, which cause confusion and confusion only.

At WHOLEE, we want to create our ideal shopping place where the price of every product reflects its true cost.

This is why Wholee promised ZERO markup policy. — you never pay for marketing and sales costs. Every penny/dollar spent is for its true cost.

—Aaron, WHOLEE Founder

Why is Lowest Price Guaranteed on Wholee?


DO NOT MAKE MONEY from absorbing mark-ups

Wholee is not a conventional e-commerce platform. We are dedicated to provide products at LOWEST prices. Traditionally, marketing costs and commissions to different layers of distributors take more than 30% of sales. That is why retailers usually need to mark up to ensure their profit.

Wholee promises:

not to make money from absorbing mark-ups (i.e. Zero Markup Policy)

work directly with manufacturers to cut middlemen

earn best wholesale prices through large volume of orders
Saving is easy and clear with Wholee.

What Makes Wholee Different?

  • · Lowest price guaranteed

    Wholee offers factory prices without any markup. That's why we are confident to offer lowest price guaranteed.

  • · Unlimited saving plan across categories

    Limited-time Early birds offer of yearly membership fee guarantees you best price on every single product you purchase from Wholee

  • · Qualified unbranded merchandises

    Wholee specifically sources unbranded products with premium quality. Every dollar/penny you spent is on point, with no additional cost.

  • · Efficient global logistic services

    Receive products worldwide within 10-15 days of standard services.

" We value members highly, because its survival depends on the value it creates for its members. That is why we are dedicated to meet members' different needs and guarantee your shopping experience pleasant. "

Members Enjoy

Early-bird membership subscription, worth £99 in original price

1 Million+ Prime Price Products;

Priority Package and Fast Delivery, with a fixed shipping fee per order, no limit on weight

Exclusive 7/24 Customer Services;

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Everything Sold at its Cost.